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Inside the Punakha Dzong

Several Bhutanese people inside the Punakha Dzong. Although many Bhutanese folks still wear the traditional outfit every day, they always dress up when going to a Dzong.

I love the Bhutanese outfits. Men wear the Gho, a knee-length robe somewhat resembling a kimono that is tied at the waist by a traditional belt known as Kera. The pouch which forms at the front traditionally was used for carrying food bowls and a small dagger. Today, however, the men use it to carry small articles such as wallets, mobile phones and Doma (beetle nut). Our guide has even carried a camera lens for me in this fold.

Women wear the Kira, a long, ankle-length dress accompanied by a light outer jacket known as a Tego with an inner layer known as a Wonju. The dress is made up of a long single piece of fabric, folded and wrapped around the body in an intricate way then tied at the shoulders by beautiful brooches. It is impossible for a westerner to put on without help. Way too complicated!

Bhutanese wear long scarves when visiting Dzongs and other administrative centers. The scarves vary in color, signifying the wearer’s status or rank. The scarf worn by men is known as Kabney while those worn by women are known as Rachus, woven out of raw silk and embroidered with beautiful rich patterns.

Finally, note the cell phone that the woman in the middle of the left group is carrying. Like in the West, cells phones are everywhere.